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fashionweb australia Company Profile

fashionweb australia is Melbourne based and has been involved in the development, training and support of industry CAD software, B2B solutions and website design since 1995.

In 2007 we began providing small and medium organizations with the best in website design, network setup and support services and CAD Software, without the large agency price tag.

Our principal, Cam Quadara has been involved in TCF industries since 1972, from manufacturing through to wholesale & retail sales.

Our Mission and Expertise

- A sample of the technologies we use are - 

PHP Development

At fashionweb australia we offer the latest and widely popular scripting technologies such as PHP (V4 & V5) when building your website. PHP is a programming language used to build dynamic, database driven websites. Dynamic websites provide a live user experience such as entering information into form fields, performing searches within a website, making numeric calculations or making comparisons. PHP Development allows all these functions to let you and visitors to easily interact and readily access information on a web page.